About Me

Ambitious, Diligent, and Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

My name is Savannah Mullins and I have been a proud Houstonian for my whole life. I graduated from Clear Lake High School, and went on to be a Cougar at the University of Houston. I come from a real estate family, and my dream is to follow in my late grandmother's footsteps. She was extremely dedicated to this business; as am I. My brother is also a real estate agent in Los Angeles, and we spend many days collaborating ideas of how to improve our business for our clients. In my spare time, I enjoy cheering for the Houston Astros; both as a fan and a Shooting Star.

My passion for real estate is as strong as my love for the community I grew up in. I have found the quote "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" to be especially true when it comes to selling real estate. I find joy in building relationships and sharing momentous experiences with my clients. I have received an enormous amount of knowledge and guidance by forming mentor relationships with highly established agents and brokers in Houston and continue to educate myself on the market and ways to provide the best service to my clients.  I am an enthusiastic member of the community and take pride in showing my clients the best that Houston has to offer.